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My sincerest hope is that you will find that you, too, have a child with a ridiculous amount of "angel kisses".... (for some reason, that phrase tickles me!)

Our doc decided with "98% assurance" in that direction. I think the 2% is "just in case" cuz the unlikelihood of a 60% coverage of salmon patch.

She just said "be on the look out" - just in case - of other complications. Covering for potential torts, I'd guess, as many parents wish to blame SOMEBODY.

I am humbly reminded that there is no blame, there is no fault.

Of particular note, the doc said that the fact that the spots blanched made them salmon spots, rather than PWS. Also the fact that they disappeared w/o agitation.

Daughter encouraged doc to publish, as this is so uncommon and she surely can't be the only Mom wondering.... (panicking)
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