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Hi there! If your daughter is 28 months, hopefully you won't have to worry about it regrowing again at this point. Usually hemangiomas are fading on the own by then. My daughter was on oral steroids until she was almost a year and when she came off it grew back slightly. I think they said that "rebound growth" might be about 10% but a few months later it started fading on its own. As a parent, it seems almost impossible to believe that at some point it will really begin to fade on its own....after all we have been watching it grow and get redder and redder for all that time and/or using meds to stop it from happening.
Here's my daughter's photo album. Steroids are different than propanalol so I'm not sure if the result would be different, but you'll be able to see that from 1 year old faded on its own. She did end up having surgery to correct a bump on her lip and a couple laser treatments at the end touch up the last little remaining redlines, but mostly it just faded over the course of about 3-4 years, with the most progress in the earlier years. But like I said, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor because I'm not sure of the differences between coming off propanolol vs. oral steroids.

Hope that helps!

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