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Default Hemangioma obstructing airway

My son was born with a cervicofacial growth on 12/16/12. It was obstructing the nasal airway and pushing against the wind pipe too. The ENT guys were first saying that this growth is a lymphatic malfunction. They placed a nasal tube for ease of breathing. My son started having episodes of synching heart rate which they thought were because of the tube. They decided to put in a fiber to look inside and saw the mass growing. They tried changing the tube and in the due process they scrapped the mass and it started bleeding. This made them think that its a hemangioma and not a lymphatic tissue. Now they have started propanolol to see if it has any effect on the mass. Right now he has a breathing tube going through his mouth. They are also giving him steroids on the side too. He has stridors all day long

They did the second MRI today, after 2 weeks of propananol and a week of steroids but they still can't be sure what exactly it is. They say its a vascular mass but they would be doing a biopsy today to make sure.

is there any way we can be sure what it is exactly without doing a biopsy. I have both the MRIs available online, please let me know if any radiologists/ENT guys out there can have a look.
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