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Default Arm/hand PWS questions??

So my almost 3 year old has a PWS on his entire right arm and hand. I feel like he's the only one. Everything is about facial PWS and I just wanted to hear from people if any that have it on the arm/hand. How's it going? We did laser treatments for about a year but them had to stop because our dr over lasered the area and she didn't think the skin would repigment but thankfully it did after about 8-9 months. We see a dr in Chicago. We haven't seen the dr since Sept 2011. It took me a long time to get over my frustration with her. I also wondered if there are other options out there to help the hand with the PWS? I was always told from the beginning that the pulsed dye laser wouldn't help but maybe something else can. Just looking for some input from others like my son. I'm so nervous for him to enter preschool this August. I just want to take it away from him.
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