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My 5 week old daughter had a H that was growing very fast. It is a comboined deep and surfical. At 5 weeks it was barely there, at 9 weeks it grew to almost a dime. I brought her to her pedi who said wait and see and I asked to go to as derm because I didn't like this answer. they couldn't tell me anything, how big it would get just that it would eventually stop growing and shrinking. I went and saw the derm and said the same thing. I was not happy with these answers so I went ahead and made an appointment with Boston childrens hospital at the end of December. They presecribed Timonol. The H stopped growing immediately! 7 weeks later it is slightly smaller, less red, less raised and you can see graying in the middle. It doesn't do anything for the deep, that seems to be the same also. I am so happy that I chose to this route!
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