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Technically, as far as I know, it shouldn't really start to grow again at the age of 5, but I'm wondering if there were some red capillaries sort of there in the first place and now maybe you can just see those instead of the full blown hemangioma, but then again you mentioned they were "forming over her scar" so I'm not sure. My daughter is 7 and she still has some remaining small red capillaries from her hemangioma that haven't gone away so I'm just guessing maybe it's a similar situation???? I don't know for sure though. Perhaps you can contact her doctor and see what they have to say. Do you have any photos you could post? I would take photos on a regular basis to document any changes you see. Let us know how it goes! You must have been so relieved to the have the surgery over with and now to have a new worry pop up, it must be frustrating. Never a dull moment!

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