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Hi Shannon,

Thanks for the reply. This actually came on overnight. Like literally went to be with nothing there and woke up with it. It's gotten a little worse every day now. We're not getting much of a reply from the doctor who treater her other than to see a local physician right away. So tomorrow we're seeing a dermatologist. At least we can get her going on antibiotics and see what shakes out.

We keep reading that ulcerations are extremely painful, and while she does say it hurts occasionally, it sure doesn't seem to qualify as extremely painful. I think the pain she complains of is probably just due to the scab sort of pulling this way and that as she goes about her normal day.

Anyway, we'll be sure to report back in when we know more.


BTW, the mask was from the Carnaval celebrations down here in Mazatlan. She woke up the morning after the parade and immediately put it back on for the rest of the day.

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