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Question Applying 4 disability

I live in Michigan,USA. S-W-F-54yrs old. I've been a cosmologists for 20 yrs.
When I was a child I suffered many seizures,one of which tore muscles in both eyes,
After many surgeries &glasses with a patch on one side(to strengthen weaker side),
I managed to graduate. I started getting migraines an adult,some lasted 3-5 days
.I missed out on a lot of planned ventures,also,couldn't be dependable. I managed
to work in many salons. But have worked in my home only,for the last 4 yrs. My neurologist said my brain has "leisions" whatever that means. My problems ate too
Many to list. So I've applied without an attorney,denied both times. My case never
Even was put in front of a judge. It took the fight out of me & my condition has gotten
worse. It's been well past the time period to appeal it. I needed a rest from focusing on
my health. I'm at a loss of what I should do! I'm having a hard time finding an attorney.
They put commercials on t.v., but, lie about their services. No one will represent me!
I didn't want one in the first place,can't afford to give a slice of what little ill end
up with. Disabilities r real. Has many. Now I need others who r like me to give me
any info on what to do.....appreciate all your help & time. Kim Rose

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