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Well good news, in a weird way. On about day four Ouest's nose was getting worse, but at the same time she started to get some small sores around her chin as well. This is when it dawned on us what this really was—Impetigo.

If you don't know, impetigo is just a bacterial infection that causes blisters and sores, usually around the nose and mouth. Her brother had this near his eye a few months back. I guess the reason we didn't recognize it as this earlier was because of the way it attacked her hemangioma. Apparently the bacteria attack vulnerable areas.

Anyway, she's on antibiotics and is on the mend. We're very grateful our first fears of ulceration were all for naught. Amazing how even after two years since her last treatment we can still be so on edge about her hemangioma.

All the best to all of you here on the VBF.


Pat and Ali Schulte
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