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Default is purpura (bruising) necessary?

Hello all, our son has a small port wine stain on his face. We have seen several dermatologists and eventually settled on someone pretty close to home who has an impressive record of treating these kind of lesions with lasers.

Before our current dermatologist we got one treatment with a doctor pretty far from our house. It went well and there was a lot of purpura (bruising) with that treatment. With our current doctor, there is really no bruising, the lesion just gets more red after the treatment. We are confused because our current dermatologist says the bruising is not necessary but it seems other doctors disagree.

Just wondering what people's experience has been regarding this. We're getting worried because it seems most people think the bruising is necessary but our doctor has a pretty good track record and he disagrees. We've had three treatments total and my son's pws has not really gotten any lighter. Anybody have a good result from treatment without bruising?
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