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Hi Shannon, you and I actually FB messaged a bit almost a year ago. I found the pictures of your daughters hand hem on here when my baby was first born and the similarity between their hems is remarkable. It does help to see the after pictures of your daughters and what a good ending her story has had. I will def be emailing Dr. Levitin, it was actually the first thing that popped in my head when we left the appointment yesterday. The dr yesterday didn't even so much as glance at her chart yesterday before he came and got us himself from the waiting room. The nurses were apologizing for him saying "sorry we have an impatient dr who can't wait for us to get him patients back." He then took us down a hall and started opening doors, walking in on patients, until he found an empty room to stick us in. He first said "You need to try propranolol" I said "yes, we've been on it since May." That's when he jumped straight into talking about surgeries. I just felt like maybe he wasn't as experienced with the laser as we had hoped/thought he would be. The whole experience still feels like a nightmare even after having a night to sleep on it!
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