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Default Port Wine + Pigmentation Loss

Hi I'm 29 yrs old and never have had a proper diagnosis for my birthmark. I've had a total of 6 laser treatments from 2 doctors until my insurance was dropped 4 years ago. Even then my laser surgeon in Houston said he never seen a birthmark like mine and the circulation problems. I have what looks like a port wine birthmark on the front and back of my neck. From the birthmark down covering the right portion of my chest and back going all the way down my right arm to my finger tips i have a loss of pigmentation and circulation problems. My right side having less circulation and less muscle mass where the lack of pigmentation is. Also my skin gets red and purplish in these areas when cold. I have never seen a similar case with anyone else. Whats causing the lack of circulation in these areas? I'm trying to save money to make an appointment with a specialist but does anyone have any ideas or seen this before?
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