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Oh wow. What a change. You can definitely see the results of the treatment. My daughter's started fading on its own right around eleven months and it faded significantly over the course of that second year. Actually that is true of my older daughter too (with her lip.) The most drastic fading happened over like 1-2 years of age and it then it was slower. So maybe that will also happen with your daughter? The other factor besides the fading of the color though is the remaining stretched out skin and fatty tissue left behind (I'm not sure if I'm explaining that correctly?) That might be a factor with your daughter too, since it had grown so large. Well, I hope you are able to get more information and are able to come to a decision about a plan for next steps, whatever they may be. I think the stress is definitely in the "not-knowing." Once you settle into the next phase of this journey, I bet you will feel better. It really does look so much better. And I totally get what you were saying about the nonstop screaming all day from ulcerations. I was there with my daughter's lip hemangioma. It was not easy at all. You will get through this! My older daughter is actually going for her last laser treatment on her lip hemangioma this Monday. I am very nervous about it because she will be doing it without anesthesia for the first time. I am looking forward to be it being all done. She is seven I am afraid mostly about her reaction to the whole thing. It's definitely better to take care of it all when they are little!!! I told her I will take her for a pedicure as a treat after the bruising goes away. Yikes!!

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