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I know exactly what you're trying to say I feel like the left over fibro-fatty tissue wouldn't even be noticeable once her arm isn't just all "baby fat," if that makes any sense. It's the color that screams look at me! I know I'm more worked up about it now because of the dr's multiple "her arm will never look normal" comments and short sleeve weather being right around the corner. Jerk! On a side note, I did talk to the derm's office today and told them everything that happened. There are other options for plastic surgeons for us to see so we are going to wait it out a little longer and then give it another go with someone new. Your daughters hand hems did all finally go flat though, correct? I can't tell you how many times I've looked at her pictures over the past 11 months. Seriously, it's been such a blessing to be able to see those at the beginning of our journey! Thank YOU!
I imagine your older daughter is one tough cookie at this point and we'll pray for her that she handles it all well. Pedicures can move mountains in my world!

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