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Default Nevus of Ota


My name is Shannon. I am a black woman with medium-dark skin. I too have Nevus of Ota. It started to develop on my right cheek when I was about 5 or 6. I was officially diagnosed with it when I was about 7; I'm now 42. As I got older, it grew and now covers the entire right side of my face. So one side of my face is a the color of caramel, the other is caramel sprinkled wth chocolate chips (lol); it also looks like I have a black eye. Although there were quite a few times when I had to explain my face to people, I didn't start feeling like I was different until I was about 23 or 24. Not because people made me feel that way; because I never really looked at myself critically until then. I had gained weight from having children, so in my eyes, everything about me looked disfigured/distorted.

I've had NoO for what seems like all of my life, so I'm pretty much okay with it. Recently (within the last year) I discovered make-up that covers it pretty well without making me look dead, and I liked the way it made my face look. Now, I wear make-up almost everytime I leave out of my house. Although my friends and family think I look very pretty with the make-up, they tell me that they feel the same when I don't wear make-up. For me, however, covering my "birthmark" gives me a boost of confidence that I don't think I had before. It also keeps me from having to explain my face.

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