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I Finally told my boyfriend last night about my PWS that covers the front on my left leg. It took me 4 months to tell him. I built it us so much. I am 32 and have alwayw been very insucre about it. When I was a child at school my mother use to send me in shorts and skits all the time. The kids use to torment me daily. Saying I had a dirty reash and I it was deacease. It really took a toll on my self asteem early on. The man I am dating is my best friend. We had been friends for a few years befor we ever go together. I love and respect this man like not other. He has been a big part of mine and my sons life. I was so afreaid it would turn him off. I feel like such a weight has been lifted. My close friend always tell me to get over it. I am trying. This forum is deffinitly helping. Just knowing there are more people out there. Feelling the same way.
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