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Hi! I'm a newbie here. First time posting. My daughter is 2 1/2 and was diagnosed with a hemangioma on her lip and nose shortly after birth. We were seen at Cincinnati Childrens hospital where we started proprananol at 3 months. She was weaned off proprananol around 18 months and had surgery at 2 years as the hemangioma appeared to have some regrowth. The hemangioma was successfully removed from her lip and laser was done for discoloration under her nose. 6 months later the area abover her lip remains swollen and has purple/bluish undertones under the skin that are noticeable. We were told early on that they believed she presented with both a deep and superficial hemangioma, but that wasn't an absolute. I am wondering now if something more is going on and how to proceed with further treatment. Some days the area above her lip appears more swollen than others. I'm curious about your childs diagnosis with vascular malformation that was covered up with a hemangioma. How was this diagnosed and how are you treating it. Any adivce or helpful leads would be greatly appreciated. stacy

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she hasn't been to dr. Warner since 2007, that was the last of her 4 laser treatments, he said to wait and see the involution process. but your right im thinking it may be a vascular malformation. we have appointment with dr. Rosen this month and im hoping he has some insight for us,
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