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Red face The number seven

Hello there,
I don't remember if I was born with it neither my mother but here it comes the story of my mark. I was just a little girl when i remember asking my granny what is that on my body. I looked like 3 grapes. She told me it is probably a birth mark.
She told me In our family each woman has one that has the shape of an egg on one of the thighs and it usually comes smaller each generation. After talking to other members of the family i was told that there was no-one else with the same mark or at least they don't know.
I accepted the idea of just being lucky to have it very quickly. Now I am 30yrs and my small 3 grapes melted together to form my new number 7. Not sure when that happened but I noticed only few years ago. It first looked like deformed letter 'M' and then started looking more like '7'.

I consider my self lucky and I am happy with my little number, but that doesn't make me less curious and I'd like to know to which group/therms it belongs. It has brownish colour and as soon as I get the chance I will take a photo and post it.

Thank you guys
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