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Unhappy 20 year old with intramuscular venolymphatic malformation in right calf

Hey! I am 20 years old and when I was 12 I had horrible pains in my right calf and suddenly swelled up! After tons of doctors we got a diagnosis of a venolymphatic malformation. To this day I have had 12 sclerotherapy treatments and one surgical procedure (that left me worse than I was before) where they removed the lymphatic portion of the malformation. I'm in pain 24/7! We recently have been consulting a different doctor and found out (8 years later) It is also intramuscular. The malformation takes up my whole calf, the MR images you cannot see anything but the malformation! This new doctor says to relieve some pain I will need to have one of the 3 muscles that makes up your calf completely removed and also my Achilles' tendon released (from "toe-walking) since it has shrunk! This doctor strongly believes that removing this muscle will take away 90% of the pain but after the first surgical procedure I'm not so sure I wanna go through with this one. Also does anyone else have the issue with if you are standing for more than 5 minutes you area of the malformation will swell up and change colors and look really bruised? Really needing answers! I can't handle this pain much longer!
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