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Hi there! I'm glad you found this forum. It can be hard at the beginning because it is difficult to know how big it will grow- especially when you start looking around at pictures online! Sometimes the pictures you see online are the most extreme so keep that in mind. Try not to get too freaked out I did the same exact thing myself though! ha ha!

You can email a photo to:

and Missy will attach it for you. Where did you live? Maybe you could see a specialist and just find out what your options are anyway. There are treatments available so it would depend on the doctor's opinion and what you feel comfortable with. I would suggest taking pictures of the hemagioma like once a week so you can document any changes. It is usually helpful for doctors to see them as a record of its growth. Most hemangiomas do go away on their own but sometimes it's better to treat. Usually the specialists who deal with these things every day are the best at letting you know the options that are best suited to your situation. Good luck!

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