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Red face Hiding behind makeup...

Hi I am 21 years old and I have a PWS on the left check on my face. It also somehow goes down my throat and into my stomach. When I was little I knew that I was different and I really never cared untill I started junior high. There was a new group of students that didn't know me and so they stared and it was the first time that I really felt bad about how I looked. So I started wearing makeup at a young age. I had 7 laser surgeries when I was a baby and all it has done is change the color so it looks more like a big bruise. I still wear makeup to this day. I know that people say I look pretty even without the makeup but for some reason I just feel they are saying it because they feel bad for me. I don't have any friends that have birthmarks as big as mine so they don't really understand what its like to feel the need to hid behind layers of makeup just to feel somewhat normal. I still wear makeup to this day but recently I have been dreading the morning because I know I have to get up and smear a ton of thick makeup over my face. The worst part about makeup is that I can't hug or kiss people because I would get makeup on the people I touch. Then on the other hand if I think about going out without makeup on I start to get nervous and just decide its better to deal with makeup than deal with awful questions from people. I think the worst assumption/question anyone has ever asked about my PWS is... Do your parents hit you? and this was asked to me when my mother was standing right beside me. I just want to be carefree again and not have to stress about my face in the mornings. Also I want to be able to feel normal and actually go one dates where I am not always thinking about how I look, is my makeup still in place?. I would love to hear from anyone who went through any similar situations and how they dealt with them.
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