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Unhappy Nevus Of Ota

Hey guys,

I am 21 years old and I just found out yesterday that my birthmark is called Nevus of Ota. The name itself kind of scared me. I have been constantly asked "who hit you?" "are you okay?", also been told "who is he? So we can whoop his a%$", etc. Because my birthmark looks like a black eye since it is located on my left eye. Does anyone else have it? I have so many questions because no one in my family has it except me. I wonder how and why would I be the only one to have it when no one else in my family does and I have a pretty big family. I just hate being questioned about it. I used to be made fun of growing up because of it. Is there anything other than laser treatment to get rid of it or at least lighten it?? All responses welcome. Thank you!
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