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I went at least twice a year as maintenance treatments until my mom got cancer. Then my family couldn't pay for both treatments. Anyways I always had them, once in the summer and once in the winter. (my favorite time was the winter because it cooled down my face so much, without having to put ice on it after the treatment.) On me specifically, I had over 30 surgeries and it helped. I still have large amounts that are very red but I know what it would have been like without treatment. When I was little before my surgeries I met a lady that was 30 and she had a port wine stain like mine and it was so bad and she said hers looked like mine when she was little. I cried for days after that. Because one side of her face sagged and was three times the size as the other side of her face. Because I had surgeries mine still looks like it did when I was younger with some swelling and sagging. But the other side of my face there are spots where my birthmark was and it is no longer there. I love to look at those spots. I also started out being put to sleep for the treatments but once I almost didn't wake up so I would say the last 15-20 treatments I was awake for. The doctor always said I was her strongest patient. Having the most treatments, without going under, and always having the most "lazer dots" (as we called them) in the whole hospital. Remember ever case is different, but having maintenance treatments isn't so bad, as long as you have the same doctor and nurses like I did. =)
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