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Default Propranolol Instructions

I was wondering of anyone would like to share what instructions they were given regarding their child's propranolol treatments. I was just wondering if any variations exist.

My son is 5 months old and has a lip hemangioma. He has been on propranolol for nearly 3 months.

He is on what seem to be the standard 2 mg/Kg/day. For him that is 1.2 ml per dose.

He takes the medication every 8 hours. Our doctors told us that anywhere from 7-9 hours between doses is ok.

We were also instructed that he must eat at least every 6-7 hours to maintain his blood sugar. We've never had a problem with this.

However, we are supposed to check his blood sugar if he ever goes more than 7 hours without a feed. If the blood sugar is below 60, we are to give him glucose gel. Fortunately, we have never had to do this.

Sometimes he spits up some of the dose and we've only missed a scheduled dose twice. Under those circumstances were were told to wait until the scheduled dose.

Does your child follow the same protocol or have you been instructed differently?
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