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We started propranolol last May when my daughter was 10 weeks old. I could not have been more terrified, the possible side effects you read about are scary! She has a large H on her forearm/wrist/thumb area. She is still currently on it and will be coming off it this month, so we've been on it about 10 months. We have had ZERO complications from it. Before she started it we saw a pediatric cardiologist. He did an EKG, ECHO, and checked her blood pressure. After all tests were normal we were sent home with the prescription that day. She takes the med 3 times a day about 10 mins before she eats to avoid spitting it up. We have been very pleased with the medicine and for us it made all the difference. Her H had already started ulcerating and causing her lots of pain. The first two doses she had made the H turn a really deep purple color for a few hours. It was the craziest thing and luckily I had read about it before it happened. The growth of her H literally stopped the day she started the med. and we could tell a difference in the size and texture within a month. It has dramatically shrunk and lightened her hemangioma. Her hemangioma is compound so there is still some excess tissue present and pigmentation, but we are hopefully starting laser treatment soon to knock it out. Hope that helps!
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