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I will definitely email you! The laser actually didn't hurt her much after the fact. The first time she had anesthesia and the second time was numbing cream. I was in the room with her and she did really well-it still hurt a little bit but it couldn't have hurt too much based on how she was acting. Afterwards, I think I gave tylenol once or twice but that was it. It looked worse than it felt I think.
One thing I would suggest is to take pictures of it like maybe once a week until you go back...that might help you to document any changes and you will be able to see it more objectively, because like you said, when you see your child every day it is hard to notice the difference, especially when it's subtle. You can also bring those pictures to the doctors appts. I found that to be very helpful. The fact that she is 5 months old and it doesn't seem to be growing rapidly is probably a very good sign.
I'm glad your appointment went well. It's hard as a parent to wait it out to see how it goes, but time is on your side! Keep us posted on how it goes.

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