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Originally Posted by chun View Post
My daughter who is now almost 8 also has a lymphangioma in the upper lip. She's had 2 surgeries and is getting ready for a 3rd next week. We live in the US. We are fortunate to have a great doctor who doesn't rush to have surgeries but allows us to make the decision of when with guidance and advise along the way. I have not regretted either surgeries as it helped tremendously with the ulcers which were very frequent and pretty bad in the first few years. She now only has them when she's a bit under the weather and they're barely noticeable.

Whatever you decided, know the choice is yours to make. Good luck.
my son has the same problem. I am very worried about his swelling upper lip. He is only one year old. He is teething and having blisters and inflammation in the upper lip and gum. The area is hard to clean, which makes the inflammation worse. I tried to clean his gum after he fell to sleep but it seems it did not help much. Sometimes he cries very hard. I know he may feel pain or very uncomfortable. That breaks my heart. Doctors suggest surgery but I am not ready for that. He is so young and I am afraid of the adverse effects of surgery but if the inflammation does't go away it is also not good. I would love to get in touch with you guys about what kind of decisions I should make and also need your ecouragement.
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