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hi.. my name is razle and i have pws almost half of my body,exposing my left face and know what, i have similar situation that you do...(except wearing make up,you're lucky enough that you can still hide yours with make up,)...people are always asking me what happened to me..most especially those people who don't know me well..they will guess and say...did somebody hit you on a face?or were you burned? tsk, can't deny the fact that its really hurt deep inside about those things tell off to me..but what i did is to smile and tried to explain a lil like..."it's inborn" and "its such a special birthmark"...somehow i can get over it by looking back about what the Good God gave to me...right now i am working as an elementary teacher...and through those kids i handled, i get refreshment of myself because of me i can transfer learning to them....(i had never been in surgery)and i thought right now after all those things i've been is worthy enough to say "i'm strong!!"
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