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Originally Posted by davinderhora View Post
Hello Sani,

We have had two treatments. Our daughter is now 1 year old and her third treatment is due in April end. We have not seen any significant lightning. There is some on few areas but most of her PWS is still as it was. Like you we are also waiting to see some good results. I have read some very good results from few members though. It depends on PWS as every PWS is different. 20 days is a short interval, you need to wait for 2 months to see the maximum results.
thank you for your answer...we are still waitting for some results.a doctor said to us that it looks great but that we need to wait minimum 1 month.
it is not a problem to wait but i hate that incertitude will it be ok after all treatmants and will it disappear ater all becase in this case pws is big..70% of babys body..we would have one treatment more before the my doubt is expose her to sun after treatment??to use some anti sun factors or not to be during the day at sun at all??thank you
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