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you bet! I remember being exactly where you are right now and it was really really hard to just have a sea of uncertainty looming ahead of you.

She had no issues with the propranolol. Before she started she had a full cardiac work up .. EKG, cardiac ultrasound etc.. and then she and I spent 6 hours as inpatients at the hospital when they administered the first dose to check her vitals over 6 hours.

She never had any issues with propranolol..She was on it 2x a day-- I nursed her before she got it in the morning and right after she got it at night. No issues. In fact, I think since she had to take medicine 2x a day via a syringe it is very easy now to give her medicine like tylenol/motrin when she is sick.. she doesnt fight it at all. funny right?

pls let me know if i can answer anything else!
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