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HI Krista,
Being a new mom can be overwhelming and exhausting and then to have something unexpected like this come up it can be pretty stressful. So how you are feeling is certainly understandable. I remember feeling the same way and just being really, really worried and confused about what to do for treatment. I am a teacher too and I was very concerned about what the future would hold in terms of school, etc. One of my daugthers has a lip hemangioma and another had one on her hand. My older daughter's lip hemangioma did have some treatment (steroids, surgery and laser) younger daughter's was really big and went away on its own. (I didn't think it would, but it did! Couldn't believe it...esp. after everything we had been through with my older daughter.) Both of their hemangiomas were more or less non-issues by the time they hit school age. Kids did occasionally say things to my older daughter but it was never really bothersome to her...although she did mention that it was annoying at times. Then she had her laser and nobody really even notices now. She didn't even start to care about it until the end of kindergarten. She is now in second grade.
So I would just like to reassure you that time is on your side! It is great that you are going to see a specialist and they can let you know about your treatment options....once you make some decisions about that, one way or the other, I think you might feel your anxiety level coming down. I know that's how I felt anyway. My kids' hemangiomas were in different locations than yours so I'm not sure what they will recommend but check in back here after your appt and sometimes it just helps to talk it out with others who have been in similar situations. Good luck! Hang in there!! And try to get some sleep!

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