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Default Propanolol is working

My daughter who is now 3 months has two strawberry surface hemangiomas. One on her neck and one above her belly button. During our daughters first well visits our pediatrician recommended we see a doc who specializes in treatment of vascular malformations. We got an appointment with her when our daughter was about 5 weeks old and she began topical timolol gel ointment which is applied only to hemangioma surface. Both hemangiomas have not grown bigger and the one on her neck is now greying in the center and has faded in some areas and become dark maroon in others,which i've read is a sign of involution. The doctor said the earlier you begin treatment the better results and the topical timolol doesn't hurt to try because there is minimal side effects to topical. She also said you can wait and see what happens but if you start a treatment when it is still in a growth period early on you may have better results. Go see someone about it as soon as you can and tell them you have heard that beta blockers applied topically also work! There is literature out there now to support this and this treatment is very affordable. I feel lucky that we live in New York City and have access to specialists that are aware of new treatments.
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