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Smile Hiding too...

Hi Alexandra,

I am empathetic to your situation. I am in my 40's and have been wearing make up since I was 16. I was born with nevus of ota to the left side of my face from my temple to under my eye. It is mostly seen in Asians but I am not. It looks much like a black eye. Therefore, I wear make up every day that I leave the house. Like you, I would like to be able to go without the make up. I have had several laser treatments over the years which have helped. Currently, I am trying derma rolling. I'm not sure if its working after 4 treatments. I am looking into laser treatments again, that's how I found this site.

I have dated, married and have a adult daughter. Honestly, anyone true in your life will not see the area on your face. Over the years, I have had the insecurities, nothing from the people closest in my life. Of course, I've gone through the stares and questions when I was younger. But, with family I can be my true self without make up. I'm not sure what PWS is but if you can continue tx for your security do so.
Good luck!
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