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Hi kfarver,
We were offered propranolol as a treatment, but have chosen to "wait and see" and continue to monitor its growth. Many people have seen great results with propranolol, but we are hesitant to start her on medication at such a young age. It is not bothering her and has not grown as rapidly as I feared it might in the beginning. Of course I do not know how big it will get or how long it will take to go away. My dermatologist says the main concern in our case is hair loss which may mean that she may need surgery at some point to help eliminate a bald spot. There are surgeons out there that will remove hemangiomas early on if you feel like that is what you want to do, but it is not usually covered by insurance as it is seen as cosmetic. I hope this helps. I was really concerned in the beginning also, but I think talking to a dermatologist and talking to other parents has helped a lot. It is so nice to know we have options and treatments available if we change our minds.
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