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My daughter also has one on her forehead. It started to appear at about 5 weeks as a small red mark. Then over the next 5 weeks it grew very fast. I took her to her dr. who said the same thing, it will grow fast and stop growing about a year. I took her to a derm adn they said the same thing, not to worry. I then took her to a specialist who prescibed timilol. I was a against any other treatment because it wasn't in an area that was going to complicate things (eye, mouth, nose). The timilol stopped it pretty much from growing. I used timilol for 4 months, stopped. The H is fading, you can see graying in it. The dr said it is involuting. For reference, she turns 7 months next week. Her hair pretty much covers it. It bothered me in the beginning, now I don't really notice it...
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