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Default Nevus of Ota Treatment

To answer your question "is there anything else available"? Well, you can try derma rolling. I went in to attempt the permanent makeup (tattoo) and was discouraged not to from the consultant related to finding the right color was difficult to cover the bluish green area from my left temple to under my eye as well as to look right on my complexion as well. Instead it was recommended that I try derma rolling instead. I have had 4 derm rolling treatments. I'm not sure if I see any major results right now (we think so) but I'm sure you know sometimes the area looks better on some days than others. Not sure if its my mood, hormones or what.

I will say, I have had several laser treatments in the past and have had some improvement. Laser is approx $250 per tx but sometimes it takes several tx and months to see any improvement so don't give up!
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