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Hi All! I have some exciting news! Just yesterday I went to my doctor to see this new laser that he has been working with. There are only three in California. Its called the Clear Lift Laser. My Doctors name is Dr. Clark and he's with Laser MD. You can visit the website, I suffer from nevus of ota around my left eye. I have two different color brown eyes and the bluish purple color around my eye and temple area. I have done the Ruby laser which has caused scabbing and a lot of downtime. That was very expensive and painful with no results. I have also been using the dermal roller which I had purchased from the skin care convention here in Long Beach, CA over a year ago. That has given me some change as long as I use it with pigment lighteners. It's taken forever to see any relief from that. So Yesterday I went to see Dr. Clark and he explained to me this new laser that it's out. No downtime, no scabbing or blisters and best of all, no pain!!! So how could I resist. I did the treatment and saw instant results. I've already booked my next treatment for two weeks! So excited!!! I'm glad that I waited and kept researching. I actually got lucky, because he was a doctor that I used to refer business too years ago for hair removal and they had my email information and I received a newsletter regarding this wonderful laser. And just so you know, I'm an Aesthetician and my ethnic background is Irish, French, Austrian, African American, and American Indian. So I have light to medium olive skin tone. If you're wondering about the price, it's different for everyone I'm sure. His special that he's running is about $250 but other doctors that I've seen have cost me between $700 to $1200, so I thought this was a great price. When I walked out, he only charged me $160!! Yay!!! Good luck to you all that suffer from what I have suffered with for over 15 years. I would fly across the country if I had to, luckily the furthest I've gone was San Francisco. This is practically in my back yard!
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