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Originally Posted by smurph View Post
This is the place to come if you have questions! I don't have all the answers but hopefully we can help you find your way to someone who can give you more information about your birthmark. I am so happy to help in whatever way I can. I would recommend that you contact Dr. Levitin as well. If you look on the home page, you will see a list on the left- Ask the Experts. You can click on Dr. Levitin or one of the other specialists there if you think another one would be more appropriate. You can send them a message along with a photo and perhaps he might be able to guide you to the kind of specialist you would need to see. I know that some doctors have traveled to Europe and Asia on occasion, so if travelling is an option, it may open different doors for you. I would also look into the doctors that Missy posted about as well. Please let us know if you have any more questions!
Have a good day!
Hi shannon ,
Awwh , well that is a kindness of you <3

These are my questions :
1- What is the suitable treatment for my case ?
2- What is the total cost for the treatment ?
3- Is there any problem with my age , am I still young to have the surgery ? " I'm 17 "
4- What about the result ? could you give me a percentage for the improvement ?
5- Should I do a surgery for my nose ?
6- Where can I find you ?
I'm from Saudi Arabia & it's OK for me to travel with my parents for treatment

I have all these questions in my mind .
I am searching for a specialist to answer them according to my case .
could you recomend someone for that ?

I've emailed Dr.Gregory Levitin .
He was so kind and helpful .

thank you very much my freind for helping .
good luck for you dear Shannon .
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