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Hi there! I'm not too knowledgeable about hemangiomas near the eye, but it looks promising that it is so flat. Since he is only 8 1/2 months old it probably hasn't really started to involute on its own yet and the fact that the meds are keeping it from growing bigger seems like a good thing (esp. with it being so close to his eye.) If he had not taken them, it may have been growing bigger and bigger over the course of all of these months. So even though you are not seeing the fading that you are hoping for, it might be holding the hemangioma at bay during this growth stage. Once he is about a year or so, you might be begin to see more fading over the course of that next year.
I'm only talking from the experience of my daughter's hemangioma. She was on oral steroids (this was 8 years ago) and it really shrunk it but it remained quite red for the whole year...then from age 1-2-3 we saw significant fading. Here's her photo album so you can see how it was when she was on the meds, when she came off, and when it involuted.
I know it is discouraging when it doesn't change as fast as we would like. But maybe the medicine is really working well to keep it where it is at for now...does that make sense?

So hang in there! You will get there!
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