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Default Is this a hemangioma?

Thanks for your input. This picture was taken when she was exactly 1 month old and she was born a couple of days past her due date so she was definitely term when she was born and the birthmark was not there except for a very faint bruise under her arm. I believe there are specialists in my area and I am a actually going to try to see my pediatrician ASAP so that I can get a referral ASAP. I am worried about it due to the size, it just covers such a large area. I am worried that it may still grow over more area and that it will raise to where she cant bring her arm down over it completely. How high do they typically raise up? It is an odd looking hemangioma if it is one because it is splotchy. The other thing that worries me is that due to it being so large and covering so much area, might she be a candidate for a PHACE diagnosis? What is your opinion? Thanks once again for the input.
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