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Default Has anyone seen black seedy looking things? ..PLEASE HELP!

I was wondering if anyone knows ANYTHING about what i am talking about:
My daughter is 10 months old and has two types of H's ( i forget the technical names) she has a large tumor one thats filles with blood vessels and on top of it, is a strawberry one. They are on her neck on the side, and she has been seen for them, BUT recently within the last 2-3 months i have noticed these little black things growing out of the strawberry one. The best way i can describe it, they literally look like seeds on a strawberry, afirst i freaked out because they actually kinda looked like knats where sitting on it, but its not of course and there are about 9-10 if them throughout it. She cannot get back in to the Derm. until July ! and i am very worried because i cannot find a single thing about it,which worries me that something may be wrong. Does anyone know anything?? i am very concerned! Thank you
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