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Default 30yr old female in UK, Naevus of Ota under right eye


I just stumbled across this site and would love to connect with other women who have the same problem as me. Would be great to swap tips of how to cover this horrible mark up or hear of any success stories in blitzing it away, but just someone to empathise with and listen to their own personal struggles with self esteem because of this would be comforting.

I've had this mark under my right eye since I hit puberty. It got darker and darker until it looked like I'd been punched. I never go out without make up on now. Over the years I've used different make up products. I cover it well- a lot of people don't know I have this mark now unless I'm really tired (and it looks worse) or if I am hungover and haven't done the make up well, or in summer when make up sweats off.

On holiday is the worst- you can't wear shed loads of make up and you want the sun to get to your skin. I hate how self conscious it makes me feel. I have to get to the stage of just tanned enough that it starts to blend with the colour of the mark. But then you have to amend the colour of the make up. Its like a bloody master piece your painting.

I feel so ugly.

If I didn't have this mark I feel I'd be a different person.

I tried laser therapy in the past once, but it was expensive and didn't work. I just had to have a horrible swollen crusty red scabby eye for a week or so. I wouldn't do it again. It didn't lighten at all. I did this all myself privately when I was about 18. The doctor said it was Naevus of Ota and rare in caucasian white women.

NHS haven't wanted to know anything about it.
Gp made me feel stupid for even asking for a private referral.

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