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Default make up techniques

The best make up cocealer I've found is for this is Bobbie Brown in peach and light peach. Also, Laura Mercier is great too! You might consider purchasing both to play with it and see what works best for you. Always look for peach tone cover ups, because it counteracts the blue. Anything else will make it look ruddy and it will show through fast. I also sometimes like to add a little invisible powder by Laura Mercier to help set the concealer. It's also good to apply the makeup over foundation and let it warm to you body temperature before blending it in... Now if any of you read these, please look at my previous post on how I've been treating tjis birthmark. I'm now on my third treatment and its working out amazingly! No bruising, scabs, or downtime. Ive been consistant every 2 weeks and the last treatment was $100. I dont know if Dr. Dennis Clark will charge the same for everyone because each case is different. If anyone wants to email me, im at Thanks!
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