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Default nevus of ota

Hello, I also just found out yesterday, the name of what has caused me so many tears and depression and have also been asked those same questions, who hit you? Are you ok? And not to mention the stares... wow Why me I used to ask myself.. Well im 35 now and I actually learned to love my birthmark lol it grew on me literally haha, I cover it up beautifully, nobody even imagines that nevus of ota lives on my face lol.. but ive decided to have it removed, my husband made a mean comment , he said he never kisses me due to the amount of makeup I wear, him knowing that I wear a tasteful amt because of my terrible mark.. His comment got me thinking that first of all what A JERK LOL second that I don't have to live with this anymore... im not doing it for him , I guess the wrong comment from the wrong person made me realize that I have options, I can remove this but others cant remove their ugliness of their lack of understanding that we are born physically different and its sad to say that the world is full of ignorance. I go in to have it partially removed on july 19 2013 with a ruby laser used to remove tattoos.. im ready and willing to be over this ordeal... hopefully soon I will be saying goodbye to my nevus of ota....
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