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Default Nevus of Ota

Wow, this site is amazing; thank you everyone for posting. I no longer feel so alone!

I was born with two different colored eyes; one dark brown and one baby blue. The dark brown is still dark brown and is the side where the Nevus of Ota is; the baby blue eye turned hazel. It will become very, very light when I am overly tired.

Around the time I was 18, discoloration on my left temple developed; about the size of a quarter. By the time I was 28 it had spread upward on my forehead and down toward my cheek. I had it biopsied then; I was diagnosed with a Nevus of Ota.

It seems every ten or so years it spreads more. It surrounds the eye lids now, upper and lower, down around the left cheek, and up and center on my forehead. I have discoloration on the sclera, but not too bad.

I've seen an eye doctor (MD) nearly every year since I was born; I have other eye problems, corrected with prescription glasses since I was two years old.

I went to Cleveland for a laser surgery consult several years ago, but they would not do it because I have psoriasis and they said my skin would not be able to recover well.

I am Caucasian and nearing 60 years old. I've used Dermablend when I was younger; now I don't worry about it; it is what it is. Although, I do try to wear my hair and bangs in such a way that my hair and eye glasses "generally" conceals most of the discoloration. If I'm not successful in concealing it, I do get asked, like others, "what happened!" Or, even more commonly, "You look so tired!" when I am wide-awake.

Thanks again for being here.
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