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Originally Posted by missy View Post

This is not a side effect that I've heard from Propanolol so far. Could it be something else? I know my kids would both, when they were babies and even now, go in cycles where they would eat more or eat less than normal. They still do it AND they always stay on the same cycle. AND their sleep cycles coordinate too. When they are eating more, they sleep a lot.

I always know when they start eating heartily again, I'm going to have to go clothes shopping.

Keep monitoring it though and keep the pediatrician informed. I would think if it drops any lower, it might be a concern.

Let us know if this continues, too. I'd love to know if you do think it's a side effect or just natural.

Thanks for the input. Since my last post, his eating is not back to what it was before. He is still eating 20-23 oz/day in smaller amounts. One thing that we did notice was his poop had gotten a lot harder, so he was having hard time pooping (his poop was a little on the harder side since we stopped giving him breast milk to begin with). May be that could partially explain the drop in appetite. So for that last 2-3 days we have started adding 1 tea spoon of plum juice to every 2oz of formula for every other feeding, which has has softened the poop and he can poop easier, but so far we haven't noticed an increase in appetite.
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