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Hi Nixxi- my daughter develops an hemangioma in the diaper area as well. It's all started with a rash when she was 2-3 weeks old, but when it didn't get better after putting diaper rash cream we took her to our dr. and she confirmed it's hemangioma.... she said it's doesn't need treatment at that time.
In next 3-4 months its gets bigger and then it starts ulcerated. One time it bleed alot that we took her to emergency but Dr. said there is nothing they can do except to put 40% zinx oxide cream.Then we were quickly reffered to SickKids Hospital, Toronto through our Pead. and they put her on Nadolol. She was in alot of pain esp for one week coz ulcerated area was bad but after putting her on Nadolol we could see a difference withing a week. Once it starts healing it became less painful and after almost 3-4 weeks it completely healed. She is 15 months now, she is still on Nadolol but weaning off now.

That's was our story....feel free to ask que. I know it's kinda scary!
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