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Originally Posted by milsy27 View Post
hi every one im new to this as i only found this site today im 27 and have known i had nevus of the ota since i was 16 over the years its got worse especially after having my 3 children! no one ever told me that the hormones in your body from pregnancy could make it worse! any way i have it under my eye moving down towards my cheek it is also in the inner white of my eye at first u couldnt notice it but now you can which is horrible as i dont like to look at people when i talk to them and try to wear sunglasses alot of the time!! ive been trying to look for anything that can make te apperaence of my eye look normal but no such luck!! the pigmented skin doesnt really bother me i wear covermark makeup and this covers it well!! dont get me wrong i would love to roll out of bed and not have to put any makeup on!!! im looking into laser treatment any one recommend any where in the uk? and also does anyone else suffer with pigment on the white of their eye?

I didn't know it could get qorse after pregnancy... I guess it makes sense if there is a change in hormones. (I got mine at puberty).

Which make up do you use??
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