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Hi! I can tell you what our experience was with the laser- it may be different though because we were at a different stage when Faith had her laser done. She had it done at age 6 and age 8 to just touch up some of the remaining color. There were no ulcerations involved. She tolerated the procedure well. The first time she had anesthesia by my choice but they thought she could probably go without. So the second time, she had no anesthesia but they put some cream on that numbed the area and it had to stay on for about an hour or so before hand. I was in with her while she had the procedure done and I could see that she did well with it...there were a couple of sensitive spots I could tell, but even with that she was ok. So I'm sure that your son probably did fine. My daughter's hemangioma immediately bruised-dark, dark, purple and stayed that way for longer than I expected. I would say it took about a week for it to start to fade and then about another week for it to totally fade. I didn't realize it would take that long initially. She had a little bit of swelling but not much. I think we gave tylenol for a day maybe. She did not really complain of any pain at all. We also had to put bacitracin ointment while it was healing and make sure we put sunscreen on it (this was very important! And hers was done in February, so I'm thinking that would be even more important this time of year) Her second procedure was not as significant as her first and everything was milder. It did take us a few weeks to see the results. We did not have any scabbing or peeling. I'm guessing that your son's might be more extreme based on the pictures you showed and the ulceration. Also, your son's hemangioma is still in the growth stage and my daughter's had pretty much finished involuting. So maybe some other people will chime in on here with experiences with laser/propanolol during the early months. Hopefully, this will really help with that ulceration and that will make your lives a whole lot easier. Thanks for the update!!! Looking forward to hearing about the results.
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