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My name is Kevin and Im a 31 year old Caucasian male and I've had Nevus of Ota since birth. I was born with different colour eyes (green and blue) and gradually they turned brown with one now almost black and one brown. The left eye has the nevus of ota and is the very dark brown eye. By the time I reach puberty it had spread from the white of my eye to the upper eye lid and under the eye. Ultimately this resulted in the appearance of a black eye and would get asked multiple times a day if I'd been fighting.

After a vistit to the doctors I got booked in for laser treatment to remove the appearance of a black eye around the skin of the eye, after about 8 treatments you can hardly notice it anymore and just have a blue and brown speckled marking around the pupil in the white part of the eye.

This is my story and I'm please to see that other people have this unique birthmark.
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